Monday, April 25, 2016

The Modern Feather Headdress

An Indian headdress has originated from the Native American Indians. They have intricately created a headdress to show their honor and respect to their warriors who have survived countless battles in order to defend their tribe. They have created feather headdresses with authentic eagle feathers and colorful materials. Today, a modern feather headdress is crafted with adornment for different events. Professional artists from different cultures are creating them with colorful bird feathers, beads and leathers.  However, the main purpose of this Indian headdress today is for fashion statement or head piece that can be paired with an Indian costume or any outfit available any themed parties. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Native American Indian Feather Headdress

Back in the days, the chieftains or warriors of Native American Indians are only the ones wearing Indian feather headdresses and not just as a fashion statement, but as a symbol of bravery.  An authentic feather headdress is made of real eagle feathers. Each feather that is attached to the headdress is earned and symbolizes honor and respect to the wearer.  A feather headdress is only given to a warrior who has survived countless war battles during their ceremony and they could only wear it during their festivals. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

An Indian feather headdress has different styles and colors and professional artisans usually use real bird feathers, beads and real leather.  Today, both men and women wear costume with Indian headdress for any occasions like themed parties and even during fashion shows.

An Indian headdress costume has become popular today, because of its unique and beautiful design. An Indian headdress replica is usually created by professional artisans. They used authentic bird feathers, colorful beads and real leathers to replicate the Native American Indian headdresses.

Indian headdresses have paved its way to the fashion world and became one of the most sought head pieces.  Several people are wearing them to different occasions. Usually people love Indian feather headdress to wear with Indian costume to make it more authentic and stand out from the crowd.

A feather headdress is only worn by the most powerful member of the Native American Indian tribe especially the chieftains that have won countless battles. Indian headdress costumery is very important to Indian tribes because it symbolizes bravery, leadership and honor.  The Indian tribe feather headdress was made of real eagle, hawks and crow’s feathers.

An Indian feather headdress is a beautiful and unique head piece especially if paired with Indian costumes. Today, there are several feather headdress available in the market and it varies from sizes, color and styles.